15 Things To Know About City Parenting in Dublin

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Adam & Ruth Hankin
taylor, 5
isobel, 3


5 things you love about being a parent in Dublin. 

Amazing excursions close to the city- You can be feeding seals by the sea, climbing up a mountain, walking through the main shopping streets or exploring in a park all within 20 min of our house.

It’s small compared to other cities- Your network of friends & family live close by so there’s always someone to have a play date with or a babysitter.. for those cheeky nights out!

It's a safe city- Even though we’re in a city, it feels more like a village where you know everyone.

Family-friendly work environment -Family is so important to the Irish culture so work life balance isn’t too challenging.

Great public transport- Really easy to get around with the kids


4 Places you love taking your kids too

Our local park - St Anne’s  in Clontarf- A 10 min walk from our house and music classes on a Sunday. It has a great playground, secret gardens for the kids to explore and yum coffee for those early mornings .. and there is a great chance you will bump into a fellow parent you know.

The Bull Wall Beach (If its dry) or National aquatic center- great for those rainy days- An indoor water park suitable for all ages

Funky monkeys play center- Enclosed soft play with a coffee shop on the side... and bonus it opens early

Malahide castle- Hosts great events such as a super hero Easter egg hunt which went down a treat this year

Malahide Castle always has great events for kids

Malahide Castle always has great events for kids

3 things you hate about being a parent in your city

The cost of childcare is ridiculous.

Getting to the airport is tough with kids- We usually drive and park up so we have our car seats with us... there aren’t very many options

School placement can be tough- So many families live in Dublin so the schools can get competitive 

2 of your favorite places to eat

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You can’t beat fish & chips by the sea at The Oar House in Howt. Say hi to the seal that pops his head up every so often

Olives restaurant in St Anne’s park- Simple food served in a safe courtyard and the kids can play while you enjoy a coffee & ice-cream in the sun

1 item that you cannot live without

Copy of Isobel in a raincoat in howth.JPG

A raincoat - You can have the four seasons in one day here!