What is Citykin?

Cities. They’re big. Bustling. Busy. Loud. Full of offices, industries, art and commerce. But also home to lots of people who buck against the expected move to the suburbs and choose to raise their families in these incredible places. Some may call these parents crazy, we prefer the term warrior-like. Ok, and a little crazy too.

Citykin was created to talk to these parents with a simple focus on providing a great mix of content that both celebrates raising kids in the city, alongside practical (How do you navigate the subway as a new parent ), inspirational (How do parents in Dublin do it) and provocative (Are we selfish parents for not moving to greener pastures?). Parenting in the city throws up unique challenges and much of the content online can be at odds with city living, where large minivans, huge kitchens and sprawling backyards are the minority.  

Citykin was born in Brooklyn, New York, created by four parents who felt that there just wasn’t anything out there that spoke directly to city parents. Where was our tribe of other parents ruining their kid’s childhood by depriving them of a giant backyard swingset?  

Well we’ve found them and they are pretty awesome and we’re so glad you stopped by too.  Welcome to this crazy city community where you need a certain level of tenacity, balls, determination, grit and a sense of humor to deal with raising a family in the city.  

We are Citykin.


Say hey to the team

patruce and family.jpg

Patrice & Olly


Originally from London, Olly has been sharpening his city dad skills in New York since 2013 when Jenson almost made his arrival on the Brooklyn Bridge in a cab. Passionate about Man United, cleaning and city-living, Olly can carry a stroller in one hand, 49 bags on the other with a scooter on his back and still maneuver two screaming kids up several flights of apartment stairs. Patrice makes videos for a living and Olly, Jenson and Macklin often get caught in the crosshairs of her video-making. However, she loves putting cameras in their faces all in the name of “making family memories” which will be remembered fondly in their future therapy sessions. A former TODAY show producer and creator of parenting content, she grew tired of seeing content aimed at only moms  and advice that required her to have back-up refrigerators in a garage (what’s that?) She almost lost her mind trying to figure out a crib-under-a-bunk-bed-hack for a tiny room in her apartment. Look no further fellow Citykins. 


Dallia & Drummond


Drummond is a dad, originally from London, but who made the life-changing leap from Lad to Dad (not really, but it rhymes) 1000s of miles away from home, in New York, where he’s lived with his wife Dallia for the last seven years.  They’ve made two mini Americans, Farrah & Aden, and live in Brooklyn. Dallia is also from London, and is embracing American motherhood despite a firm refusal to say diaper. She always pictured having her family in London, with her mum around the corner and a maternity leave filled with NCT friends and A YEAR off work (sob... why America, why!?) but having babies in a different country spurred a fascination in how parents and families function in different cities.



Emily rickard

Pimp Your Rental Editor-at-Large

Citykin’s resident design expert, she is the founder of the “Why the hell didn’t I think of that” Instagram account @pimpyourrental and mindful design blog, Twelve Months At Home. Because Lord knows anyone living in cramped quarters needs a dose (or 12) of MIND-to-the-F-ull furniture layout help. Emily, her husband and two daughters recently moved back to their native Bristol, England from a long stint in Brooklyn. However, Emily is so talented all the major US home and furniture brands keep flying her back to the States to bring their products to life. Emily can breathe life into the most dire of living circumstances and she has never met a city space she couldn’t transform. Oh, and she can do this on a budget, with the perfect blend of Mary Poppins boss flair. Watch out small space with no room for toys…she’s coming for ya.