15 Things To Know About City Parenting in Chicago

Baum family

Joanna & Aaron baum
Penelope, 3

5 things you love about being a parent in Chicago 

Always something to do-we step outside our door and we are in the thick of the action.

Great food scene-for adults and kids.

Plenty of students for babysitting -we live in the middle of a bunch of universities and colleges so a steady sitter stream! 

The lake is always a great default in the warmer months -you ALMOST forget about the winter months...

Great bike paths -we love going on family bike rides and there are a lot throughout the city. 


 4 Places you love taking your kids too

Shedd Aquarium -You could spend weeks in here. It's one of the world's largest indoor aquariums. 

Maggie Daley Park-  it may be the best in the world. Climbing walls, ice-skating rinks, tunnels built into the landscape.. it rocks. 

Summer and Fall Street Festivals - Chicago is known for having some of the best street festivals and one of our favorites is the Fulton Market Harvest Festival. 

Lincoln Park Zoo - It’s amazing and FREE!


3 things you dislike about being a parent in Chicago

Air and Water 2.jpg

Overcrowded events. I would love to do the Air and Water show with my daughter every year but getting near the lake for that event is BANANAS.

Schools- Public Schools are hard to find and hard to get into. Chicago doesn't have a great public school reputation. 

The CTA stations- this is our public transportation stystem and it's not vast enough or stroller friendly enough. 

Mott street

Mott street

2 of your favorite places to eat
***only two?!??! 

Mott Street- An Asian-inspired place in Wicker Park that is TO-DIE-FOR

Small ChevalA retro-styled burger joint that will make you question every other burger you've had in your life. 

1 Item you cannot live without 

Instacart - Delivered Groceries! Hellloooooooo!? It remembers my last orders (even my kids favorite snacks and milk)