15 Things To Know About City Parenting in San Francisco

Masterson Sanfrancisco

Courtney & Matt
Declan, 3

San Francisco, CA

5 things you love about being a parent in San Francisco. 

The parks -You can go outside EVERY DAY.  Coming from Chicago this was a foreign concept to me (unless you wanted to freeze).

The hills -Every walk is a workout.

The park district classes -They are amazing. We've taken art and baking classes and even had to sleep in line overnight to register.

The bus system -It is very convenient and stroller friendly.  It's awesome when you want to get across town or go meet friends and not deal with car seats. Bonus, Declan and most kids also love buses- and we love it because it's the cheapest "ride" in town.

There are TONS of day and weekend trips just outside of the city -And, yes, kids are even welcome in wine country :)


4 Places you love taking your kids too

Baker Beach San Francisco

Baker Beach is an amazing spot from sunrise to sunset. Nothing better than building sand castles with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.


The California Academy of Sciences-a one stop shop for the city's aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museum.  They also have an outdoor area for lunch for kids and mimosas for moms (EVERYONE wins.)

The Conservatory of Flowers- it's like having the most beautiful backyard in the world (that you do not have to maintain).  You can bring a picnic and hang out on the lawn on your way over to the Koret Playground and Carousel!

A Giant's game at AT&T Park! You can walk down the Embarcadero with a great view of the water and Bay Bridge.  Inside the park they have lots of family friendly activities including a tee-ball area for aspiring baseball stars.


3 things you dislike about being a parent in San Francisco

The hills -blessing and a curse...

The summers can be "cold"- (I laugh coming from Chicago).  But, seriously, yes we live in California but it's not always 80 and sunny.

 The cost of housing is nuts -  The rumors are true but it definitely encourages you to make the most of every day here.

2 of your favorite places to eat

Cinderella Bakery in Inner Richmond.  Best croissants (I never enjoyed a croissant in my life before having one here) and the nicest ladies in town! 

Devils Teeth baking company

The breakfast sandwiches at Devil's Teeth Baking Company are heavenly. Grab a shark cookie and head down to Sunset beach.

 1 item you cannot live without

Declan's Nikes (and mine)! -We are a family on the go which means lots of running around the streets and baseball fields.  One of his first phrases was "mama, we running fast in our Nikes."