The City Parent Guide To Keeping Warm When It's Cold AF


how to keep your kids warm in the city

Our favorite things to keep the cold out

It’s no joke outside right now. In parts of the US temperatures have hit MINUS 50. (say wwhhhaattttt??!) It’s snowing in the UK. (say whhhatttt??!) And because we’re city parents and we can’t just decamp the kids to the large basement, we must go outside. Cue the tears because yes, it will take you 3 tantrums and 35 extra minutes to get those extra socks, mittens, coats, scarves, googles, etc. On. We asked our Citykin friends to share their favorite things to keep the kids warm when the polar vortex hits…

1) 7am Enfant blankets - this wins the “couldn’t-live-without” award, hands-down. It was the No. 1 cold weather swearby for parents all over the US, especially in the Midwest and East coast. Citykin co-founder Dallia: “I had never heard of this brand before moving to New York. In London it’s very grey and wet, but actually not that cold. I was shocked that temperatures fell to 20F, and the 7am meant you don’t have to have the battle of putting wriggly bodies into multiple layers. It’s so warm, kids can just wear a jumper underneath. And it lasts for ever, mine is on kid 2, 5 winters and going strong!”.

2) Thermals, thermals and more thermals - it’s ALL about the layers. Rachel from Brighton, living in NY, swears by good old M&S thermals (UK brand!) for kids.. “they fit snugly, and soo soft and cozy”. Uniqlo turtlenecks are also loved - incredibly warm whilst being light, and reasonably priced.

3) Turtle Furs - Anything with FUR in it (Not real though people!) was also popular and lots of parents expressed love for Turtle Fur

Tabby and Junie Alderman of Chicago slaying the Polar Vortex in their toddler boss 7Am Enfant Blankets. Putney, less than thrilled

Tabby and Junie Alderman of Chicago slaying the Polar Vortex in their toddler boss 7Am Enfant Blankets. Putney, less than thrilled

Theo & Tilly rocking his M&S thermals (why is M&S not in the US??)

Theo & Tilly rocking his M&S thermals (why is M&S not in the US??)

4) Patagonia & Columbia - The two most popular coat and snow pant brands parents said they buy when the temperatures dip. Brooklyn mom Michelle Lindsey, mom to Wyatt, 5 and Presley, 3 has been known to match HER coats to the boys. #goals


“I love salopettes… they don’t just need to be for the snow. Serious warmth.”

Arthur is style goals on the slopes.

5) Salopettes - The American contingency of Citykin (read only Patrice) had to google this. These are snowbib overalls. GOT IT. And the European city crew LOVE them!

6) Bog Boots- We heard this brand often as well. They are also known to reduce rage at trying to stuff a 2-year-old’s foot in a boot as they have holes for HANDLES. Sign us up.

7) Snowstoppers- Liz Alderman, Chicago mom to Tabby, 4 and Junie, 2 swears by these gloves that STAY ON. Read: Holy Grail of gloves. She is also a fangirlof 7AM as her girls are rocking the matching pink in the photo above.

8) Face masks -OMG. Yes, guys it was FACEMASK weather this week. Katie McAvoy, Chicago mom to 3 boys (photo above) under the age of 7 (Godspeed) says Buff USA makes the best multi-functional face and headwear use for the cold.

Claire & Wren.jpg

Patagonia all-in-ones “Wren loves it, like wearing a massive duvet. And the feathers make it warm and light - perfect”

Wren (1) and Claire in snowy Cheltenham - where snow is a novelty!

9) Smartwool socks - Nichola, Evanston mom to Ethan 6 and Ruby 2.5 has a straight up sock crush on these socks for HER and the kids. “GAME CHANGER. I am the coldest person alive. I have had mild frost bite on my feet 3 times - just from being outside for too long. I wear these socks now all the time and I have a different life. I play outside with the kids or go ice skating - and I can stay out until my hands get too cold! It’s crazy. They are SO WARM but not bulky at all. “

10) North Face Snowpants- These grow with your kid and that’s how Nichola justifies the price tag. “For us at least, it means we have them for minimally two seasons. Again, while they have them in every color, we just get the basic black (OK and I caved and got the pink this season) so Ruby can wear Ethan’s when he grows out of them - which makes them more than worth the price.”


Stay warm all!