15 Things To Know About City Parenting in New York City

Poltzer Jones family

Patrice & Olly
Jenson, 5
Macklin, almost 3

New York, NY

5 things you love about being a parent in new york 

You walk everywhere. For us not having a car is freeing. You get to explore different parts of the city and your neighborhood in a way that isn’t the same if you were in a car. You also can appreciate the street art that is rampant in our Brooklyn neighborhood..oh and more walking means more pizza and pad thai! Which brings us to the next point…

The food options. Does it get any better than eating in NY?! My kids are exposed to so many different cultures through food and it sparks organic conversation about different races and places.

Spontaneity. Because there is always so much going on, we often just leave our house on a Saturday morning and “see where the day takes us.” That day usually includes brunch, music, a pop-up event, meeting friends for drinks and exploring a different part of the city. Sometimes you even stumble upon a free Questlove concert where he is spinning for families and rose´ is being served by the gallons (Happened.) #onlyinnyc

The creative energy. There is a NY energy unlike anything in the world and the feeling is palpable. I love that my kids are surrounded by people who on any given day are pursuing their life passion, launching their dream company or creating something that makes you inspired to reach for the stars in your own life. They are literally surrounded by real-life examples of “anything is possible.”

Community. I know this sounds counterintuitive because NYC is so huge. But often people live away from their family home base and you end up making close friends as an adult when you live in NYC. All of that makes NYC this amazing place of tight knit friends who become your second family. I often feel like we live in a Mr. Rogers episode as we can’t walk down the street without bumping into people we know or saying hi to our favorite bodega guy. NYC can feel actually small at times.


 4 Places you love taking your kids too

Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 6. Gorgeous Manhattan views, water lab, slide parks, soccer fields with skyline views, rooftop pizza and beer…all contained alongside a gorgeous Brooklyn Heights promenade walking path.

Natural History Museum. It’s basically floor after floor of taxidermy. So…..enough said?

Books are Magic. An independent bookshop in our Brooklyn neighborhood that IS ACTUALLY magical. Founded by NYT best selling author Emma Straub after a beloved local bookstore shut down in the neighborhood, this place is literal magic on a corner. And PROPS FOR THE INSTAGRAM wall. Because did you really go anywhere if you didn't Instagram it? 

The Oculus. Part spaceship, amazing food court (Eataly set up shop inside here), cool pop-up booths and roving art exhibits, this is by far the coolest place to scoot and give an architecture lesson at the same time. You are dominating parenthood when you visit this place.


3 things you dislike about being a parent in new york city

20180802_172807 (1).jpg

The high cost of property. It is insane. Also, closet space is a luxury in ny and you pay a premium for IT. (HUH?!)

We have no backyard so we ALWAYS have to get out of the house. There are days where I all want to do is open up my imaginary back door and let the kids run free while I half-parent over coffee and the newspaper. But see point No. 1 above. It is always a compromise living here.

The choice (especially for schools) can be overwhelming. There are literally 15 different schooling options we could have done for my Kindergartener. People have consulting companies where all they do is tell crazy NYC parents about what school route they should take. I mean that IS CRAZY. But it is also easy to get sucked into the competitive NY race and end up feeling bad about all the decisions.

A Brownstone to buy in Brooklyn is crazy crazy expensive. And it still wouldn’t be your dream home! BECAUSE NY IS ALL ABOUT THE COMPROMISE.

A Brownstone to buy in Brooklyn is crazy crazy expensive. And it still wouldn’t be your dream home! BECAUSE NY IS ALL ABOUT THE COMPROMISE.


2 of your favorite places to eat

Rucola, what cozy corner restaurant dreams are made of

Rucola, what cozy corner restaurant dreams are made of

Pig Beach. The most perfect place ever designed. Huge outdoor/indoor BBQ place with great music, cornhole, kids can run like maniacs, awesome drinks... You WILL naturally be kicked out around 7:30PM on a weekend when the changing of the guard occurs (read skinny young people with no kids) but until that time comes…PIG BEACH IT UP.

Rucola. Picture the most perfect cozy, resides-on-a-corner, neighborhood local spot that also serves amazing cocktails and food and you have Rucola. It’s the go-to spot for every meal.

pig beach brooklyn

1 Item you cannot live without 

Mountain Buggy Nano stroller- It folds up to the overhead bin if we’re traveling and operates as our unofficial family station wagon. Literally thousands of miles have been logged on this thing….and counting.

Meet our family car. The Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller.

Meet our family car. The Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller.