15 Things To Know About City Parenting In New York City

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Laura, joe + Baby E, 2.5

New York City, New York


Laura is Cali-NYC transplant, founder of Madame Warrior , brand strategist, blogger, and mom to E (she doesn’t say his name on social media) 2.5. If there is a city family who KNOWS how to milk NYC for every ounce of awesomeness it is Laura, Joe and Baby E.

5 things you love about being a parent in New York City

It is such a family-friendly city- You don't need to stop living your life -you can simply include your little one(s) in just about everything. There are so many resources, activities and just about everywhere is family-friendly.

I can still fulfill my dreams -NYC provides me the opportunity to have a career/ be an entrepreneur and still either be home with my son or get home to my little family in 30 minutes or so. I love how everything is close together…literally and figuratively!

The exposure my son gets to endless experiences and opportunities NYC has always given me so much life and love and now being a mother, my son gets to experience that NYC magic.

Laura and E at the Oculus (basically a GIANT spaceship) in the financial district.

Laura and E at the Oculus (basically a GIANT spaceship) in the financial district.

You can walk everywhere - NYC is a walking city and this as well includes the littles. NYC kids get plenty of stroller miles, but they need to be ready to walk as a main mode of transportation at a pretty young age. It’s pretty easy to get 5-9 miles on any given day.

All the food options!- Being that both my boyfriend and I consider ourselves experienced foodies (haha), we love that there is such a wide variety of food options throughout the city for the little one to indulge in and develop a diverse food palette.


4 Places you love taking your kids to

Water pads within the parks. They are one of his absolute favorites and NYC parks usually have some sort of water aspect. It’s like our version of the public pool.

Summer concerts. The little one has LOVED music since he was in my belly and any chance to listen to some jams and get his groove on is sincerely enjoyed.

City Carousels like the one in Central Park. He truly enjoys a spin around with his favorite pony. I love watching him get so excited. Ahh, to be a kid again.

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The parks, parks, parks! One of the best things about NYC is their endless amount of amazing parks.

Hubby Joe and Baby E getting their brunch on….IN A PARK

3 Things I dislike about being a parent in NYC

Commuting on the MTA (the subway system). I used to pride myself on knowing the subway system pre-baby, but now that I’ve memorized every stop with elevator access, I’d officially refer to myself as a MTA expert. God forbid I am rushing and select the route with subway stops nearest my destination (opposed to several stops away solely due to elevator access) and need to haul a stroller and baby up and down staircases.

The cost of childcare. Pre-baby, I had always heard how expensive childcare could be, but it wasn't until I began to do my research that I saw this reality myself. Seriously, good educational programs in a preferred area can run range from $3500-$6000 a month for a full week.

Tiny apartments! We are fortunate that our apartment is considered larger for NYC, at just over 1200 SF. Yet there always feels to never be enough space with all the little guys’ things and by that, I really mean toys.

2 Favorite Places to Eat

Spice: Their green curry basil fried pad thai and green curry are to die for. Oh and don't forget the dessert. I love their Ube Cake and Coconut Drink. My only complaint would be that I wish there was a closer location to where we live.

Treadwell Downtown: Some of my favorite dishes would be the fish and chip entree, which I love sharing with my little one. It comes with a side of fried house greens, their house chipotle sauce and of course, malt house vinegar. My mouth is beginning to salivate as I am writing this post. If we stop by during brunch hours, my go-to order consists of the Salmon Eggs Benedict as well as an order of the berry french toast. Deliciousness.

1 item i cannot live without

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Without a second thought (& technically not an item!), that answer would be my son. The thought of possibly not wanting kids or that so distant day of “maybe” that I so often had, pre-child, still amazes me. He is the most precious surprise I have ever received and my heart is so fulfilled. Oh, and caffeine.