3 New York Dads: What I Love Best

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impromptu play dates with kids in the neighborhood on the sidewalk and in each other’s front yard reminds me of how I grew up in mumbai.

-Harshad, dad to Kabir 6

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@harshadpillai Brooklyn dad extraordinaire to Kabir, age 6 . Is great at building things, refilling house guests’ empty wine glasses and constantly being outshone by his wife Pooja, the most fashionable human ever and his son Kabir, who was willingly rocking tweed and suspenders at age 3.

Citykin asked Harshad to ramble….and he did.

I don’t know where to start….ummm…the people.

When I was little I used to come home from school and run down to our “garden” in the middle of our apartment building and play. Kabir does that now. He runs out and yells for his buddies every day and they run around after school…no play dates. It makes me so happy.

—His favorite snack is seaweed and ramen.

—The quality of ammenities is only a short walk or a short hop on the F train.

—Sometimes I feel like we live on the actual block of Sesame street.

—The insane global diversity. Tell me when to stop

(Stop. Don’t. Stop.)

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@geoffgibbins A Brit in Brooklyn. Also known as the “Guy on Clinton street who makes the best whiskey and soda with a splash of aromatic kale bitter and hipster tequila” that will most certainly be critiqued by his powerhouse of a Southern wife, Tracey. Geoff has a cooler hobby than you and a cooler job. Dad to one 5-year-old and two rescue dogs who only answer to Tracey. Because…. DUH

-We live in a walkable neighborhood. I also bought a car this year so I understand how strange this answer is… but the car only makes me appreciate our walkable neighborhood more.

-There are so many activities (all walking) in our area - it is almost endless places to go and things to do.

-We live by an easily accessible place to airports for family visits (because our family lives far) and vacations. Also, Nixon will never have any shortage of friends wanting to come visit him...

-Exposure to different cuisines (I’m not saying British) , languages etc. - if you get out of the bubble we live in. (yes, Brooklyn is a bit of a bubble.)

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@drumm12 Another Brit in Brooklyn. Also known as “one of the dad Citykin founders.” He likes cleaning, bold prints and renting cars during peak holiday times and sitting in loads of traffic with his baby and toddler. He likes to live on the edge. Dad to Farrah, 4 and Aden, 1.5, he is constantly coming to grips that his sort-of American daughter says pants and MOOOMMMMM with a giant ‘O’.

-The diversity it brings- there are so many cultures, languages and experiences to learn from. Where I grew up was very white, middle class and suburban, which in my view isn’t that exciting. I prefer the way of life and the experiences it brings.

-NY is great for careers and travel and the opportunities we can give our kids is just endless. We are only 6-7 hours from London, a few hours from beaches, mountains and the countryside. We have been away on many trips with friends and their families across the tristate area and beyond. When I think of raising my kids in the city, I also think about the ease of excursions as part of that love.

-Although we don’t have families here the kids are always doing something with our nanny- who is wonderful and basically part of our family. She takes our kids all over the city and exposes them to her city