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Please Don’t Touch My Kid’s Hair

How would you feel if strangers on the street came up and touched your child’s hair? This was the reality one family experienced until they felt driven to chop off their son’s gorgeous curls. This powerful essay from a London mom who is in a mixed race marriage opens up why touching her son’s hair has a deeper, more disturbing connotation and she wants to start talking about it.

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A Day In the Life of a Brooklyn Family

Citykin co-founders Patrice and Olly take you along on what a typical day looks like for them raising two young boys in Brooklyn. Some of their friends ask them on the regular, “CAN YOU CHILL THE F&%^& OUT AND SIT.” But the answer is always….no. They live in Brooklyn. So many things to do, so little time to do it. Enjoy!

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Apartment hunting in NY: It almost killed my family.

This is part 1 of Citykin's "Pimp Your Rental" series. Follow Citykin co-founder Patrice Poltzer’s forced move from her Brooklyn apartment of five years to needing to find her new family home in only a few weeks and with strict parameters. Tired of living like a college student for most of her adult live, she decides this new apartment is going to be baller. There is only one problem. She sucks at all things home and design. Enter, Emily Rickard..a designer whose talent knows no bounds and who has never met a crappy NYC rental she couldn't transform. Follow along on our journey that is known as, “Pimp Your Rental.”

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