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Citykin Guide To Prospect Heights

It may not have the Brooklyn street cache as a Williamsburg, DUMBO or Cobble Hill…but if you’re not hanging in Prospect Heights then you are missing out on life. One of the coolest and nicest (COOL TO BE KIND PEOPLE!) city moms we know who is our unofficial but official Prospect Heights expert gives the ultimate lowdown on her little slice of Brooklyn heaven. You are welcome!

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Citykin Guide To Bed-Stuy

Jay-Z grew up in Bed-Stuy. So basically that’s all you need to know about this Brooklyn Neighborhood. It has more street cred than all the cool areas in the universe. #fact. Citykin’s resident Bed-Stuy expert Liz Anthony gave us the insider scoop on what to do with your family in this diverse, bustling slice of Brooklyn.

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Citykin Dads Reflect on Father’s Day

Citykin founders Drummond and Olly grew up together back in the Motherland #godsavethequeen. In the way that life can unexpectedly twist and turn, they are now raising their kids blocks apart in Brooklyn. Shockingly, Father’s Day is a much bigger deal in the States (love us a Hallmark holiday!) and their wives asked them to get reflective on their role as dads and all things citylife.

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