City Tip: The Only Kitchen Tools You Need

I have a tiny kitchen so we order take-out way too much (or at least that's my excuse.) What are the only items I really need to cook great meals for my family?

-ALL parents in NYC


@weelicious Food blogging before it was a thing, cookbook author, One Potato founder, kitchen goals and expert in all things family and food.

A sheet pan, small pot, large pot, strainer, cutting board and a sharp knife.


@qkatie  Video creator, food & travel, Host of Keep It Quirky podcast @keepitquirkypodcast and wrote a book on “Avocados”...yeah file that under "why didn't I think of that." 

My go-to pantry items are: rice, pasta, quinoa, beans, canned tomatoes, oats, peanut butter. Get some staple produce like bananas, kale (which is heartier and will last longer than spinach, for example), peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes...and your options are limitless for any meal of the day!!


@yourfriendml  Manhattan boss, Brooklyn mom of two, can go out all night like a college kid and still wake up at dawn to bake a homemade quiche. 

Toaster Oven
Measuring Cups
1- 10" frying pan - eggs, bacon, burgers, stir fry, veggies
1- 3 qt saucepan- oatmeal, hard boil eggs, soup
1 Baking sheet - homemade chicken nuggets, cookies, chicken
1- 12 count muffin pan- all kinds of healthy muffins, hash brown cups,  mac n' cheese
1- 13"x9" casserole pan- roast a small chicken,
3- wooden/silicone spoon
1- tongs