Sleepless In The City

BY team nanny nod, former nannies turned baby sleep whisperers who are giving back sanity to parents all over cities

NYC - it never sleeps. The conundrum being, it’s children need to. The big city is full of lights, sounds, people at all hours. Combine that with interesting living spaces – babies snugly tetris’d alongside siblings in apartments situated above restaurants, (and across from a fire station, and one paper-thin wall away from mama’s voice) – it’s a combination which complicates ability for a baby’s solid, peaceful rest and a parent’s ability to To say the least.

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One of the amazing nuances of city life is that you can find a solution for almost anything. Craving an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese at 3 a.m on a slow Tuesday? No problem….just walk out the door. Are you slowly becoming delusional because you can no longer decipher actual baby cries from the ones in your mind? No problem, there are people who can help. Citykin came across the perfect solution in Nanny Nod, who are a team of two consultants (Erin and Kristin) who sleep train babies & toddlers. Former professional nannies who regularly raised kids of the rich and famous, we begged them to dish out some of the GOSSIP. They never will (we tried!) However, they did dish out the dirt on how to get a baby to sleep. Whatever the reason is your baby is not the best sleeper, they can help greatly improve their quality of rest. And when babies rest well, parents have the opportunity to rest and not lose their freaking minds. WERD.

City parents, you will want these ladies on speed dial. We promise! Erin Mariotti & Kristin Stennis are baby sleep Goddesses

City parents, you will want these ladies on speed dial. We promise! Erin Mariotti & Kristin Stennis are baby sleep Goddesses

five baseline tips to help your baby sleep better:

1) Play white or pink noise during sleep: White noise is a steady “snow screen” sound which masks disruptive background noise and helps prevent baby from stirring awake.

2) Install blackout curtains: Streetlights shine brightly for the 2 am crowd. During summer, baby goes to sleep before sunset. Indoors, simulate a consistent bedtime mood at any time with a darkened room.

THIS scene can be possible with the right plan!

THIS scene can be possible with the right plan!

3) Create and stick to a bedtime routine: Babies find comfort in consistency. In an unpredictable city like NY, a consistent evening schedule of events will help their body learn when rest is coming and help them feel self-assured.

4) Diet matters: Being mindful of what and when you feed your children significantly aids the process of wind down before sleep.

5) Consider hiring a sleep consultant to do the heavy lifting (plug!) No but really.

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If you’ve tried all the things, & baby still isn’t sleeping well, it can leave the whole house exhausted and frustrated. With fresh eyes and energy, we create personalized sleep plans for your baby, and even offer full-service in-home support for interested parents. (And by the way, yield results!)

They are passionate about it. Here’s to the end of your feeling Sleepless in the City.

All the REST!